"It was like a birthday party": 35 people, mostly at first donated blood at the party of newcomers DonorUA

4 грудня 2023 року, 17:31

On November 25, the Kyiv Mohyla Natioinal Academy hosted the #ExperienceIt with DonorUA blood donation event, where 35 people share it for military and civilian patients. The event was focused primarily on newcomers, and 24 out of 35 participants donated blood for the first time. Blood was collected by a physician team from the Kyiv Regional Blood Center.

“We have been organizing outreach donations in different formats for many years, and we decided to transform some of them into special parties to attract newcomers for blood donation movement. The purpose of such events is to show that blood donation events could be interesting, useful and even fun, so this process unites and inspires. We want people to donate blood simply because they have the opportunity to help, not because their parents were wounded in the war, or their children are ill. This is the only way we can hope that no human life will be endangered more due to the lack of donating blood" comments Iryna Slavinska, co-founder of DonorUA and President of the All-Ukrainian Association of Blood Donors of Ukraine.

“Everyone at the blood party supported each other, and the atmosphere was warm and positive. One of the participants shared that "it was like a birthday party," says Yevheniia Yakobchuk, project manager at DonorUA.

The #Bloom campaign is dedicated to the beauty and benefits of blood donation. It highlights it as part of a quality lifestyle - modern, stylish and healthy. You can also support the campaign and DonorUA.


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